08/09/14 Jewish businessmen should rebuild Gaza FARUK KOSE-HABER VAKTIM



Jewish businessmen should rebuild Gaza

The following article entitled "Jewish businessmen should rebuild Gaza " was written by Faruk Köse of Habervaktim, a Turkish pro governmental antisemitic fringe newspaper.


English translation follows.

Faruk Köse / Yeni Akit

Faruk Köse


The Zionist/Jewish terror base called Israel that occupies Palestine -which was destined to remain Moslem until eternity following the conquest by Umar-, has transformed Moslem Gaza into a pile of rubble following their 51 day long barbaric attacks.

In those 51 days, 2,145 of our Moslem brothers have lost their lives, and over 10,000 have been injured. It is now time to reconstruct Gaza which lays in ruins. It is now time to heal the wounds, and time to recover what is lost.

You will surely appreciate that there is no compensation for loss of life, nor can there be any. Therefore, we have to bury the pain in our hearts, and reconstruct Gaza to compensate for its material losses without wasting any time, until the day of the big revenge.

Material losses are huge. According to the Palestinian National Economy ministry’s initial estimates 70% of Gaza’s agricultural fields, 780 million dollars are lost in the agriculture and construction sectors, 360 industrial buildings demolished, 16,800 dwellings totally and 35,000 partially demolished, half of poultry sheep farms and with them the animals destroyed, thousands are unemployed and all manufacturing stopped, as the result of the Jewish killers aggression. The total material loss is about 8 billion dollars.

Those numbers are already very large for a small – 360 sq. km area (as a comparison, Yalova is the smallest Turkish province with 850 sq. km) and in most likelihood will increase when the damage estimation studies will be completed. Do not underestimate these numbers. The damage is so great that experts estimate that 8 billion dollars are urgently needed for a recovery that will take about 20 years

As it happened time and again, the 8 – 10 billion dollars required for a recovery following the attacks during 51 days by the Zionist/Jewish terror base called Israel will be again funded by the worlds Moslems. There will be help campaigns, donations and the funds collected will be transferred to Gaza only as much as allowed by Israel, who is still applying a blockade to the strip.

And thus Gaza will be reconstructed with Moslemshelp until such time that the horde of Zionist killers will attack and destroy it once again.

Should we not help Gaza? Should we turn a blind eye to the ten thousands of our Gazan brothers living in the Stone Age just because Israel will destroy again whatever that will be rebuilt? Of course not! Even the thought is preposterous.

But it is high time that those who are “in love with Gaza” and especially those who claim to be “Gaza’s father” end this vicious circle. It is now time to make the one who causes the damage, or those who helped the one who cause the damage to pay for it. No more of “Moslems will build Jews will destroy”. It is now time make the Jew pay for the damages. Here is what I propose:

Funds needed for Gaza’s recovery should be obtained from the Jewish businessmen.

Turkish and foreign Jews who do business in our country and whose activities somehow contribute to Israel; Jews who form commercial or industrial partnerships or have any connection to Turkey and their partners will be obliged to pay a special tax as a contribution to a “Gaza fund” which will be established.

Similar to the “earthquake tax” which was imposed following the big earthquake of 1999, a mandatory “Gaza recovery fund contribution tax” to reconstruct Gaza should be imposed on all those Jews, and companies who do business with those Jews having any relationship to the Zionist/Jewish Terror base called Israel.

Commercial Relationships of those Jews who would not pay this tax should cancelled, and their property impounded. The same should be applied to those companies doing business with those Jews helping Israel. This tax should be mandatory for all companies doing business with Israel. Those who cannot pay should be forced to pay, and if that is not possible they should be barred from doing any business with or via Turkey. The same should apply to all of their partners as well.

The time has come for the Moslems not to pay for the infrastructure and the structures destroyed by Israel.

If they destroyed it, they should pay. If they helped the one who destroyed it, they should bear the consequences. If they want peace, they should erase the traces of war.

If they pay the bill, they will probably stop. Actually, they will definitely stop.




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